Saturday, March 27, 2010

Silly Saturday

So I'm just chilling. I did this painting last night base on stick figures and I'm thinking about doing a whole series on it. I want to do a big painting with a whole scene of stick figure war. My friend and I would draw an ongoing drawing of our stick figures battling in English until there was no more space left on the paper. So I really want to do a big painting like that. This painting is called "A Day on the Town" and will be part of the stick figure series. I really like it. Until I get a better picture for Etsy it's just going to hang on my wall.

I did put up a new listing for Etsy. I've been putting up several because I went on a making spree during Spring Break and made a whole ton of items. I'm just posting one per day. Last night I realized I left some items at home. I'll get them after Easter. Today I listed Beepers the Bendable Robot Pendant. Beepers likes to wiggle and move about. He's always wanted to be a dancer, but Beeper just has one flaw in his dancing. He can't do the traditional robot dance like all the other robots. He just wiggles and moves. So he's decided to do it around your neck. What's cool is that he is made from a special polymer clay found at Hobby Lobby and Michaels that when baked can bend. So his arms and legs bend.

So in honor of Beepers, I've decided to load up a funny robot video I found. So enjoy!

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